Meet the Authors

We are three couple friends that planned three weddings with our kids over a
two-year Covid-impacted span. We wanted to share the benefits of our
experience with other engaged couples, their parents and families for one
purpose: to help people minimize planning stress and conflict for family harmony.

If there's one really important thing we've learned it's that with sincere
communications and a willingness to compromise, the planning journey can
be harmonious and fun, and not contentious and overly stressful.

Irv is an accomplished writer with two best-sellers to his credit. He's been
interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows, plus newspapers and
magazines. He's appeared on The Today Show four times.

Carol and Paulette both are retired teachers who have educated hundreds
of children during their careers. They have collaborated to write and illustrate
The Fairy's Secret, a book that teaches young kids good values.

Nadine recently retired from running a hospital foundation for 17 years,
and now is enjoying her first grandson while consulting and continuing
her life-long work of helping people. She planned hundreds of very
successful events.

John was employed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection
for 34 years. He was responsible for drafting environmental regulations
and speech writing.

Bob is a former Assistant Professor of Music at Temple University
where he coauthored a book on Music Learning Theory. He retired from
the New Jersey Department of Education and currently enjoys golfing
and playing trombone in several local bands.

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